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This restoration has been made possible with the help of grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Hampshire County Council, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and the Vodafone Group Charitable Trust. Members of Hampshire Mills Group have supplied invaluable voluntary assistance at all stages and on a wide variety of  work, as have the Hampshire Industrial Archaeological Society. The Hants Metal Detector Club searched for and unearthed many small but valuable mechanical and structural parts of the sails and wheel. Knowles & Son (Oxford) repaired the well house. The British Engineerium in Hove refurbished the tower and the wind wheel.

During the excavation around the well house, numerous pieces of broken bottles have been found that date from the 18th Century, including some identification seals bearing the name Ed. Lisle Esq., the landowner here from 1678 -1722. Some of these are on display in the well house.