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After construction in the 1890's the pumped water provided via the wind engine supplied only the Manor House and the farm for agricultural purposes. At the same time, water from the Carnarvon Estate supplied four other houses in the village.

The school had its own well, and a further well was sunk (to the East) at Moppers about 1928, but the majority of cottages relied on water carts and rainwater.

In the 1940's a bore hole was sunk (to the West) past the church, which supplied many more properties, but even then some cottages still relied on stand-pipes. The village was linked to the mains in the 1960's.

Maps from the 19th Century show that the well existed before the wind engine was built. In 1873 a well is marked alongside a square pit (which could have been the site of the manor that research suggests was here up to the 18th Century). Twenty one years later in 1894 the map shows a small circle on the North side of the well to indicate the Wind Engine.